The Path of Becoming Never Ends

It is a process that requires continuous learning and personal development—not a one-and-done event

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Welcome to Coaching Pathways!

Offering Strategies, Ideas, and Tools for Self-Development and Learning in the Workplace

Coaching Pathways is a platform for personal, professional, and well-being platform for women who want to move past their growth edge, becoming more effective and impactful in their roles and lives through personal growth and development.  

We know that 1:1 coaching can be expensive and is not easily accessible.  Our mission is to provide coaching support that is accessible and affordable for everyone. 

Our Approach to Development

Our programs take a coaching approach leveraging both horizontal and vertical learning.  Vertical learning is skill-building where you are adding on new capabilities.  This type of learning is most common in organizational learning and development.

We also incorporate horizontal learning.  This type of learning includes reflection, unlearning, and helping you examine your beliefs and identify that which is outdated and no longer serves you.  It also includes stretching, moving just beyond your comfort zone, where you can take on new perspectives, and see more possibilities. 

To further explain this approach, consider your computer as a metaphor. Vertical learning represents all the programs and apps you have.  As a result, these are all the things you can do on your computer. But, at some point, you start to notice your computer is slowing down, and not running as efficiently as it once did.  This is where horizontal learning comes into play.

Think of horizontal learning as the amount of memory on your computer.  This memory enables the apps to work correctly.  When you're at the memory capacity of your device, it begins to have breakdowns.  At some point as humans, we also need to expand our capacity to be effective and this comes through the strategies of coaching conversations and reflection tools.

Coaching conversations explain, explore, encourage, empower, and elevate you to increase your capacity. Reflection tools help you explore your inner world and increase self-awareness and consciousness.

Hi! I'm Terri Altschul!

My journey in coaching women began in 2015 when I left my corporate career. I had worked in Fortune 100 companies on Wall Street and Pharma that were predominantly male-oriented. I missed the company of women and the conversations that are unique to women as we evolve across our life span.

I believe if women want to impact today's world, we need to release the constraining rules and expectations we've inherited, maybe even a few we created on our own, and lean deeply into our innate values, gifts, and talents.

No matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to grow and thrive in each stage of your life.

I am a professional coach who has experienced her own uphill journey of creating and reinventing my life. This is not always easy work, but it is truly worth the effort.  My journey has introduced me to many tools to explore who we are becoming, and I share these tools with you in our Private Community.

We're Just Getting Started!

Let's Put It All Together...

Coaching Pathways Makes It Easier to Work Towards Your Goals and Dreams, One Step At A Time

Finding the time (let alone support) to work on your goals can be challenging.

Have a question about handling a work situation, need a recommendation for a resource, or suggestions for tools that can support you?

Just ask!

Need help figuring out where to begin? I can help with that!

Crave the camaraderie of people who "get it?" We're here for you!

You'll save time, money, and spinning your wheels, as you grow because you'll have one place to go!

Let's Begin!

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