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We are a multi-generational platform for women of all ages drawn to self-development and expressing their potential at each stage of their lives.  

For many women, we live our lives in default mode - following the expectations that have been ingrained within us through our culture, societal norms, and authority figures.

But there is a You that lives beneath those expectations.  You might call it the still small voice within you or intuition.  This is the You that exists regardless of where you were born or the culture you were born into.

Through coaching conversations, exercises and activities, digital classes, creativity, and community, we support you in integrating the outer world of expectations with your inner world of values and dreams.  This is the deepest work of coaching.

And we also realize that private coaching can be expensive and not easily accessible.  This is why we created the Coaching Pathways platform - to provide an affordable and accessible all-in-one development platform for women who want to do the deeper work to live an inner-outer-aligned life.

Coaching Pathways – it's like having a professional coach in your back pocket!

When You Open Yourself to Change

You'll realize you are not alone and will be a part of a community of women on the path of transformation


You will be part of the giving and sharing of a collective of wisdom and different perspectives


Access to a range of resources from digital classes, to cohort experiences, to the knowledge of the community.

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  • Coaching Conversations is a monthly Live Call with Terri where she takes you deeper into coaching topics that support your ongoing learning and growth.
  • Access exclusive digital spaces of professional content, events, and promotions.
  • Make Connections with People Who Witness You, Rally for You, and Cheer You On.
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Meet Terri!

I'm a coach, facilitator, creative, and change catalyst creating pathways of change for women. I'm a Certified Professional Integral Coach and Executive Coach specializing in women's development. I studied coaching at New Ventures West Coaching, the Gestalt Institute, and the Mindfulness Coaching School. I have a BBA in Organizational Psychology and a 20-year corporate background in Leadership & Organizational Development. Today, I work as a full-time coach.

For many years throughout her corporate career, Terri was puzzled by how people change and why they don't. Wanting more for her clients – and herself – Terri began a process to take the best from all her education, professional experiences, and personal journey work to design a multi-dimensional program to create transformational results for her clients.

Terri Altschul, Founder Women Connected

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